Derby is charging up! [@ArthurStStudios @VX_01332 @Kayse_NL @Sherzy_NL @Crudded_Badz @Akmigram]

With the release of the Arthur St Studios channel, Derby is seeing a range of visuals coming from not only new artists but also them that have been silent since SwaggaCamp ended. From the likes of New Loyalty to the YNC camp Derby has definitely found it’s sound with Daniel James and Akmi dropping professional standard videos alongside these tracks the platform is definitely being built.


Mist has come along way from Swagga Camp [@tweet_mist]

If you’ve been a fan from way back you’ll know Mist appeared on our own former media channel Swagga Camp Media, Well now he’s shooting movies for music video’s check the two latest visuals! Whilst you’re here check the Swagga Camp flashback…